Anyone Can Be A Codesmith.

If you are a Star Wars fan or not most of you will have heard of the Jedi. In the world of Star Wars these were an elite class of warriors, who went around putting wrongs right. There were not that many of them and when one of them went rogue, only one of the Jedi were left standing and then he ceased to be a Jedi anymore and became a Sith Lord.

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SOHO Agile – Practices make perfect

If you follow what we call football in the UK or soccer as it is known in the US and other parts of the world you will probably have heard of David Beckham. He was a very successful football player who played for the UK football team Manchester United in his early career and L.A. Galaxy in the latter part of his career. A number of years ago I watched a TV programme where David Beckham was being interviewed and one of the things he said that he did to become a better footballer was to practice. Every spare moment. He would take the football outside and practice against a wall or with some friends.
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Taming WordPress Taxonomies

A while back I wrote a short series of articles on programatically manipulating taxonomies in WordPress. If you didn’t see the series it included :-

But what do you do if you are not a coder? Well to make life easier I have created a plugin which will give users of WordPress greater control over the taxonomies that are available to them. I have called this plugin the Taxonomy Toolkit and it has the following features:-

  1. The adding and removal of terms from posts en-mass.
  2. Adding and removing your own custom taxonomies for finer control over how your data(posts) is displayed on your website.
  3. Adding and removing terms from built in taxonomies, taxonomies added by other plugins and custom taxonomies added using the toolkit.

The plugin follows the WordPress coding standards to ensure that the plugin is built in a robust and maintainable way.

Here are a couple of screenshots.







So where can I get this plugin? Well it should be available soon on CodeCanyon, the Envato website. I will post an update here as soon as it is.


SOHO Agile : Is agile relevant to the SOHO developer?

Agile is often seen as a team process, and certainly agile lends itself to team activities. So can you apply agile to the Sole Home Office developer?

There are some practices which are obviously more difficult if you work by yourself, for example performing a code review could be tricky. But there are other agile activities which may work well even if you are a one person team.
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No Script : The Conflict In Design

I have a question for you. When you design the front page for a business or the UI for a web application do you think about how to represent the functionality with JavaScript first or without?

Before you answer let me paint a picture for you. Say you are designing a site for a client. The client wants lot’s of interactivity in the site, the sort of features that JQuery
and JavaScript handle really well. And the site will have millions of visitors a month. One of the many requirements the client has is that the site should implement some form of progressive enhancement. If someone with JavaScript turned off looks at the site, the site should still function in more or less the same way.
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