Good Service, Bad Service and Obsequiousness

We all love good service. We all hate bad service. And it is easy to tell the difference. When you feel like your needs have been met, and the person that has served you has been polite and attentive you come away thinking, that is someone I would want to do business with again.
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No Script : Everybody Uses JavaScript These Days!

Or do they.

Those of you in the Web development world will of course heard about Progressive Enhancement. If you are not familiar with the idea this is where your site progressively provides more advanced features depending on the functionality of the browser being used. For example some people use text readers, some people will have JavaScript turned off, well you get the idea.
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Agile Decompiled : Kanban

Now Kanban is not something I have practiced but for completeness of this series I wanted to write an article on it. So I have spent the last few weeks reading about what is Kanban and is it agile.

So what is this Kanban thing anyway? Kanban is like Scrum in that it can be used as a process to help a development team control and deliver software. Unlike TDD and Pair Programming which are practices within a development process Scrum and Kanban describe the process itself(although this is up for some discussion!).
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How To Programatically Add Terms to a WordPress Taxonomy

In the first post of this two part series we looked at how to add custom taxonomies to your theme. In this post we will cover how to add terms to your custom taxonomies (or any taxonomy for that matter), and also how to make your custom taxonomy behave like the Category taxonomy and allow you to add new terms directly from the add new/edit posts page in the dashboard.
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Agile Decompiled : Sprints

One of the practices in the Scrum methodology is the sprint. A sprint is a short time frame in which to get the most functionality in a product within the time frame. The idea is that because there is such a short time frame the product owner is forced to focus on which features should go into the sprint, as well as helping the development team to focus on the work at hand and keep a tight control over product development.
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