No Script : The Conflict In Design

I have a question for you. When you design the front page for a business or the UI for a web application do you think about how to represent the functionality with JavaScript first or without?

Before you answer let me paint a picture for you. Say you are designing a site for a client. The client wants lot’s of interactivity in the site, the sort of features that JQuery
and JavaScript handle really well. And the site will have millions of visitors a month. One of the many requirements the client has is that the site should implement some form of progressive enhancement. If someone with JavaScript turned off looks at the site, the site should still function in more or less the same way.
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Agile Decompiled : In Conclusion

If you have been following my series on agile development then you will have some understanding about the concepts behind the terminology. My article on Test Driven Development covered one aspect of that practice within an agile process. The article on standup meetings covered one aspect of how communication between team members could be carried out, as did the article onpair programming. Sprints looked at one form of timeboxing to constrain what features are implemented in an agile project, while the article on Kanban looked at one particular flavour of an agile process.
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No Script : Size Really Does Matter

Really it does.

Did you know that according to Netmarketshare.com17% of browsing happens on mobile devices.

Maybe this comes as a surprise, maybe it doesn’t. What it does show is that the popularity of browsing on mobile devices is becoming more popular.

Now I am all for an interactive browser experience using any and all tools that are available to the designer. However, like any good thing, sometimes you can have too much. And as developers and designers I sometimes feel that we do not always think deeply enough about the best use of the technologies at our disposal.
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No Script : Everybody Uses JavaScript These Days!

Or do they.

Those of you in the Web development world will of course heard about Progressive Enhancement. If you are not familiar with the idea this is where your site progressively provides more advanced features depending on the functionality of the browser being used. For example some people use text readers, some people will have JavaScript turned off, well you get the idea.
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Agile Decompiled : Kanban

Now Kanban is not something I have practiced but for completeness of this series I wanted to write an article on it. So I have spent the last few weeks reading about what is Kanban and is it agile.

So what is this Kanban thing anyway? Kanban is like Scrum in that it can be used as a process to help a development team control and deliver software. Unlike TDD and Pair Programming which are practices within a development process Scrum and Kanban describe the process itself(although this is up for some discussion!).
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How To Programatically Add Terms to a WordPress Taxonomy

In the first post of this two part series we looked at how to add custom taxonomies to your theme. In this post we will cover how to add terms to your custom taxonomies (or any taxonomy for that matter), and also how to make your custom taxonomy behave like the Category taxonomy and allow you to add new terms directly from the add new/edit posts page in the dashboard.
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