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  1. Anyone Can Be A Codesmith. | DEVOPS | Scoop.it

    […] he barrier to being a codesmith should be low.This is why I think that anyone who writes code in any shape or form should feel free about calling themselves a codesmith. The ideals of craftmanship should be followed, with a healthy dose of pragmatism, but learning the skills to become a good coder takes time and experience. I also do not believe that you can always tell if someone will make a good codesmith or not. Some codesmiths who have few skills at the moment might just need a small push in the right direction to make their code better.But the barrier to being a codesmith master should be high.Because this is what will help keep the term codesmith synonymous with the ideals of craftmanship and quality that being a codesmith should imply.  […]

  2. Software Craftsmanship | Igfasouza
    Software Craftsmanship | Igfasouza February 15, 2015 at 2:00 am |

    […] “Anyone Can Be A Codesmith” Further […]

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